What is TUG ? Who is TUG ? Well, well, well.

TUG is an eco-friendly Montreal brand that offers cool stuff such as; bamboo toothbrushes, makeup remover glove (with only water), apparel and more because we are always looking for new material to share & demonstrate that a sustainable living is the way to go, you know? It’s not lame (anymore) to be environmentally conscious. We do our best to find high quality & ethically made products with plastic-free packaging and shipping.

But the most important thing about TUG is that we donate a great part of our sales to ocean cleaning organization. Actually, we are driven by this cause and it is the main reason TUG exist.

For a plastic-free environment, healthy oceans and beautifully clean beaches.

Based in Montreal, QC, Canada.


For inquiries, email us at hello@fromtug.com