It removes makeup and cleans your skin with nothing but water!

Let's finish up with chemicals, make-up removers, single use wipes/cotton pads and plastic containers. Opt for the glove with revolutionary technology.

Note: this item is available in 2 options, the pink glove shape and the black long towel.

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1. Drenched wet your aquaglov with warm water.

2. Rub off makeup and gently clean your skin in circular motion, including the eyes. Even if the glove is very soft, be gentle with your skin, it cleans thoroughly.

3. After you have cleaned your skin, clean your aquaglov with a mild soap (body soap for example).

4. Rinse and let your aquaglov dry. These steps will keep your aquaglov clean between uses. You can also wash it in the washing machine instead.

5. Enjoy the freshness of well-cleansed, exfoliated and healthy skin


- makeup remover with water

- removes water-resistant mascara

- reversible

- removes 98% of bacteria & 93% of viruses

- 30 times more effective than cotton

- very good breathability for fast drying

-Eco friendly

- economic



- soft for sensitive skin

- simple to use

- gentle exfoliation without abrasion for the skin

- hypoallergenic

- cleans the skin deeply

- captures dead cells

- removes waxy substances

- effectively cleanses the skin of the body

- reusable

- safe and pleasant for the skin

For every Aquaglov sold, a donation will be send to ocean cleaning organizations.
Surf the wave and help us make a difference :)

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The Aquaglov microfibre skin technology is made from very fine polyester and polyamide yarns that form a single yarn, providing a surface 400 times larger than regular fiber for better particle absorption. Aquaglov skin microfibers have many interstices compared to the round surface on ordinary cotton pads, sweeping away all the particles and trapping them in their interstices. Rounded cotton fibers only repel impurities and spread makeup, while star-shaped microfibers capture particles and capture makeup and impurities in its dense internal structure. In addition, your favorite personal skin cleanser becomes an option to nourish and enhance your beauty.

Daily challenges for the skin

Every day, our skin, face and body are exposed to a wide variety of pollutants, dust, harmful bacteria, viruses and other environmental particles that stick to our skin. The last thing we want is to let them become embedded in the epidermis and cause lasting damage. These beauty attackers can be as diverse as the list below:

- dehydration  (from soaps)

- dust

- micro-particles

- Solar cream

- pollen

- chemical products

- bacteria (removes 98% of bacteria)


- virus (removes 93% of viruses)

- dead skin

- dead cells

- dye from clothing

- excess of sebum

- acne

- skin infection