Bamboo Toothbrush - Pineapple yellow

Bamboo Toothbrush - Pineapple yellow

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This is TUG’s biodegradable toothbrush. Its bamboo handle is a naturally durable and antibacterial wood, which guarantees a quality product, light, hygienic and resistant.

The brush bristles are soft nylon, so recyclable and the packaging is made of paper only.

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TUG makes every effort to be green and make a difference, so we decided to introduce a biodegradable toothbrush to our product line.

In the idea of respect for the environment, the ECO-TUG biodegradable toothbrush is the best alternative to the classic toothbrush made of plastic ***.

To get rid of the used brush:

- Cut the hairs and recycle them

- Composing the bamboo handle

- See how simple it is!

For every Eco-TUG toothbrush sold, a donation will be donated to ocean cleaning organizations.
Surf the wave and help us make a difference :)

*** Plastic is a derivative of oil, a limited and polluting resource,