"Bee happy" Fundraise stud earrings

"Bee happy" Fundraise stud earrings


Important Bzzzness going on..

Bee Happy Stud Earrings Campaign focuses on the protection of bees. Share this message, all while wearing bee-utiful mininalist earrings & spreading awareness about the pollinators crisis and the solutions available.

  • FUNDRAISE: EVERY pair sold is helping protect the pollinators. 2$ per earring pair is donated to a bee protection organizations. 2019 funds will be send to Feed the bees.

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Stud earrings

  • Crystal

  • Copper, zinc alloy

  • Kraft box package

Donation is made towards bee protection organizations (Feed the Bees) with every pair sold, Yay :)

Photograph: Krystelle Mackinnon

Why Bees Matter

Important Bzzzness.

Bees do so much more than make honey. Flying from plant to plant to plant, a bee’s furry coat is destined to pick up pollen at one flower and drop it off at another. Since pollination is essential for plants to grow and reproduce, bees are the guardians of the food chain.

Scientists estimate every third bite of food you eat wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for bees. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, oils, coffee, and chocolate all depend on them. And their impact goes far beyond plants. Livestock, as well as wild animals, count on the hard-working bee for their food as well.

Without bees, our ecosystem is at risk. The prospect of a bee-free world is frightening. But in some areas of China, it’s already a reality. Farmers have been forced to hand-pollinate their trees after local bees began to disappear. Children on these farms, carrying pots of pollen in one hand and paintbrushes in the other, maneuver their nimble fingers to individually pollinate flowers. But this can’t continue forever without food prices skyrocketing. A human child just can’t match the efficiency of a bee that can pollinate over 5,000 flowers in just one day.

From: Feed the Bees , click here to read more and learn about the solutions.