Cotton net bag

Cotton net bag


Who wouldn’t like the idea of a slightly chicer, genderless, expandable, and incredibly cheap tote?

This amazing, handy string bag can fit right into your pocket, center console, or purse and be brought along with you on your next adventure. With its light, stretchable cotton fabric, you can hold (pretty much) anything from fresh produce, wine, fresh flowers, or beach towels! Capable of holding up to 40lbs, it is perfect for going to your local farmer's market, the beach, a sleepover, or traveling. You will never leave home without it!

  • Very convenient & light

  • Stretchable Size: 32x38x15 cm

  • 100% made of natural cotton

  • Short handle

If you do plan to cart your string bag around day to night, here’s a tip: get some cotton zip pouches to hold your smaller things. Otherwise they will absolutely fall out.

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A little history about the fisherman net bag

Net bags appeared in the 1920s in Czechoslovakia as a grocery bag, before becoming ubiquitous across the globe when trendsetting Parisians began using them in the ’60s and ’70s for toting baguettes home from the market.